Regattas and Expeditions

Emotions for those looking for challenges

Regattas and Expeditions

Emotions for those looking for challenges

There is no right or wrong way to travel, and the only important thing is really, to come back a better person than when you left.

However, if you want to test yourself, experience new emotions, and overcome your limits, you are in the right place.

For men and women who do not settle, who want more from a journey, who search for the extraordinary. The price will be the privilege to be in harmony with the sea and to see places available only for those ready to test themselves.

Live and travel differently. For examples, by participating in a sailing boat regatta. It can be the experience of just one day or several weeks sailing across the oceans.

Or take part in a regatta of vintage boats, enjoying the charm of distant years when the challenges had a different flavour.

Events like the Americans Cup and other important competitions can be seen just outside the racecourse, aboard boats. You will feel the passions of the challenge so close that you will seem to participate.

For those who want to put himself even more to the test, Sailtur offers trips doubling Cape Horn on a Sailboat. We will provide you with professional sailors who will guide you safely.

Even Antarctica is an available destination chosen by hundreds of people every year. You can start from the South American continent, or other destinations, aboard modern and equipped boats, or in vintage sailing ships to relive the spirit of ancient explorers.

There are no limits in the sea. Sailtur will guide you in your choice by offering you the experience that's right for you.

For those who know that the goal is important, but even more important is the journey.

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