Boat travels

Visiting the most beautiful places in the world aboard sail or motor boats

Boat travels

Visiting the most beautiful places in the world aboard sail or motor boats

Waking up in the morning anchored to a wonderful deserted cove. Plunging into clear and crystalline water. Dining on board, with a magnificent sunset as a backdrop. Sailing with only the sound of the wind, accompanied by dolphins in the bow. Cruise under a  starry sky that, for clarity and quantity of stars, can only be seen far from the coast.


These are just some of the unforgettable experiences that can be lived when sailing aboard a motor or sailing boat chose by Sailtur.

The world is full of beautiful places that can only be fully experienced form the sea. Imagine the sophistication of Capri where you can disembark  and savoure the local cuisine. Think of Greece, made up of thousands of islands full of history. Dreams of the Caribbean, with its sparkling colours, from the white beaches to the corals full of life.

To live a journey like this you don't have to give up anything. You will be in the hands of a professional Commander who will guarantee the safety and comfort of the crew,  while showing you the most beautiful places in the region that only he knows.

Onboard you will find every comfort to make you feel at home. Spacious cabins and bathrooms, refined cuisine and a lot of availability and friendliness.

Choose the type of boat and the destination you want with Sailtur.

The motorboat will allow you to arrive quickly in the most enchanting places, while the sailboat will give you harmonious moments of contact with the sea and the wind

We are here to advise you on the best possible choice.

Boats from 15 to 30 meters in length. With, two, four or six cabins, depending on the size of the boat. Always equipped with bathrooms in the cabin, and with the same comforts as on the ground, but with the sea always near you, ready to be enjoyed.

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