The French Riviera, Cannes, St. Tropez, Nice and others


The French Riviera, Cannes, St. Tropez, Nice and others

France is one of the best countries for those who want to experience yachting. The country offers excellent destinations and natural wonders full of the traditional French charm.

With a long coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, the so-called French Ribeira includes extremely well known and sophisticated cities such as Cannes, St. Tropez, Nice. The Mediterranean coast has certainly the best climate for rest and tourism of any locations within France. France is a stunning country and has so many things to see, our destinations are made to make you live the best holiday possible.

Yacht season in France

The best time to visit the French Ribeira is certainly during the European spring and summer. It is during this time that the festivals and the sun accompany this delicious region and will make your holidays have a spectacular charm.


Antibes has an ancient Greek and Roman past running back more than 2000 years. The city has large walls and a yacht center. One of its most famous points is a castle that nowadays houses the 'Picasso Museum'. This picturesque town has small streets and great culinary diversity. It is an excellent port to get in touch with the French coastal culture and enjoy the nightlife of the region.


It is a world-famous city that hosts an even more famous film festival every year in May. Cannes is one of the pearls of the French Ribeira and has an incredible port that is perfect for yachting. It has a beautiful promenade full of luxurious boutiques. It is a typically French coastal destination and sits in a wonderful bay surrounded by mountains and rock formations. This place will gift you with incredible photographs and its atmosphere will enchant you.


It's a small fishing town located near Marseille. It has 16th-century buildings and fountains. It is a perfect place for those who like to discover picturesque villages perfect for taking photographs, drawings, etc.. It is an excellent quiet walk that can culminate with a visit to the castle of the Maison de Baux that beautifies your entire journey in this beautiful place.


Marseilles It's one of the most beautiful ports in the French Ribeira. At the same time, it is also a large city that has all the necessary infrastructure for your comfort. It is a perfect place for yachting or boats because it is possible to visit Cassis, Bandol, and Porquerolles since the distances are not great.


Although Monaco is not technically France, the Principality is part of the regional geography and is also an excellent destination in the French Ribeira. Known for being a luxury destination and known for hosting Formula 1 races and also great casinos. This paradise is perfect for the holidays of your dreams. Everything starts with the wonderful port that leaves any lover of open-jawed boats. If you are thinking of enjoying the French Ribeira, know that besides the Cannes Festival in May the Monaco Grand Prix Race is also during this period. If the natural beauties weren't enough, it's also possible to enjoy all the benefits that casinos can have for gamblers.


It's a perfect destination for those who like yachting Nice is a great city with an internationally recognized charm. The promenade tours known in French as Promenade des Anglais is an excellent tour for those who like to feel the energy of the places they visit. Nice is a place with a beautiful architecture that gets in touch with its fishing village roots, along with super traditional markets and a breathtaking sea view.

Saint Tropez

A beautiful city, famous for hosting Pampelonne Beach and luxury yachts in the port. This is why it has become one of the most popular destinations for bohemians and even for people who like to have fun. Saint Tropez is a wonderful place to venture into beach clubs, including the world-famous Club 55. This place can be perfect for a restful day with a bit of excitement as it is possible to spend the day on the beach relaxing and having fun at night in one of the many nightlife venues. It is a perfect destination for photography and it is this diversity that makes many famous people frequent this destination.

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