Destination with paradisiacal beaches and a splendid sea


Destination with paradisiacal beaches and a splendid sea

Croatia is a European destination that has been gaining a lot of space and prominence within the itineraries of foreigners.

The Dalmatian Coast has more than 1,000 islands that surround Croatia and offer the best environment for a yacht vacation. The Adriatic Sea in this region has extremely calm, transparent and refreshing waters for a sunny day. 

 Croatia is a country made of contrasts, from the calm bays perfect for a sunny day to the hectic nightlife, together with traditional markets and elegant shopping places. 

Croatian Yacht Season

As in any other European destinations, the high season is during the European summer, between May and September. 

Dalmatian Coast

With more than 1000 islands, this coast is famous for its calm waters. The Dalmatian Coast is an excellent way to experience the Mediterranean due to its great natural beauty, calm, colorful islands and picturesque ports that exude history, culture. On the coast, it is possible to explore various caves and waterfalls that provide a perfect setting to create memories and photographic memories, all together with strong, nature and excellent options for bathing and rest.


Dubrovnik is an archipelago located on the Adriatic coast and has hundreds of routes to explore the islands. One destination within this group of islands that is not to be missed is Sobra, which has received the nickname of the most charming island in the Adriatic. Incredible as it may seem inside this island are two lakes called Veliko and Malo Jerezo that create spectacular scenery. Orebic is also one of the islands with the best beaches in the region.

Kornati Islands

This destination is perfect for all those lovers of marine life. It is here that you can visit the National Park, as well as the island of Zadar which is famous for its Roman ruins, Mediterranean cafés and even medieval churches that provide an authentic touch of local culture. In addition to Zadar, another island worth visiting is Murter, known for its beautiful bay and sea coloration that leaves nothing to be desired from the Caribbean. For the most diving enthusiasts and to get to know marine life, the best destinations within this great archipelago are Katina and Dugi Otok.

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