Wonderful waters, culture, gastronomy and strong passions


Wonderful waters, culture, gastronomy and strong passions

Spain is a country that pleases those who seek to know about  culture, art, and good cuisine. Venture into a country known worldwide for its beautiful architecture, the beauty and passion of its people; all in conjunction with a wonderful climate and perfect beaches.

Yachting season in Spain

As any place in the Mediterranean the best times to visit is the European spring and summer,  when warm temperatures that perfectly combine with diving and sea breezes.


The cosmopolitan island of Ibiza can be a very interesting yacht destination. Considered by many as 'the party capital of the Mediterranean', the island is associated with nightlife and electronic music. It offers a wide variety of nightclubs that are legendary for your parties with world-class DJs. For visitors looking for a quieter holiday, Ibiza offers many options and a wide variety of activities.


Mallorca is a fantastic island for those lovers of beaches and caves, it is an excellent destination to get in touch with the historical past, water sports and traditional Spanish entertainment. Mallorca has a beautiful cathedral that shows Spain's hybrid cultural past between European and Arabic that has dominated the peninsula for several centuries. It is a luxurious place that also contrasts with the green of the mountains and the beautiful beaches.


Many do not know, but Menorca has more beaches than Ibiza itself, which together have several attractions, as well as archaeological and cultural tours that make it an extremely diverse island. With the yacht is an excellent option for diving, all this due to its extremely clear waters and places where it is possible to enjoy all the marine diversity of the place. It is not for nothing that it received consideration as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


Considered Ibiza's younger, sleepy sister, Formentera's calm vibration attracted celebrities who wanted to recover from Ibiza's hedonistic frenzy. In recent years, Formentera has truly become a unique destination, with a simple and chic atmosphere; Bohemia with a sophisticated trend. A 'paradise' - where the food is exquisite but you will never wait for a table, the rustic houses are very elegant and the waters are considered the bluest in the Mediterranean.


Spain's second-largest city is also a perfect location for yacht lovers, because its infrastructure as a port, as well as its medieval and Gothic architecture, makes it a destination that should be visited during the period in Spain. It is a place full of art, culture, and taste. A set that shows the best of Catalonia's culture and that will leave anyone a little more inspired thanks to its bohemian scenery, artistic and full of places to visit.


Mahon is a destination known to all boat lovers all due to being a place with excellent cuisine and a charming village. Mahon is a place that has a different personality to the rest, with spectacular houses that have bohemian influence. The locals are extremely receptive and have always offered drinks with gins, in this place it is also possible to visit ancient ruins or even listen to the organ of the Church of Sana Maria Anchor. Stay tuned for the famous sunset of the region that promises not to disappoint.


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