Unforgettable for its culture and natural beauty


Unforgettable for its culture and natural beauty

Crystal-clear Greek waters harbor a vast array of captivating islands, coves and isolated bays. 2000 islands are lid at the visitor's feet, each with its own distinct feature and charm. The finest treasures that Greece has to offer are undoubtedly represented by the water: isolated and protected bays unaccessible through solid ground, restaurants and taverns at the seaside that serve freshly caught seafoods.  Churches with blue domes in the midst of shady olive groves.

A country of unmatchable beauty, Greece continues to be one of the world's key travel destinations. Its glorious history extends through four millenniums and the country is known by many as the cradle of western civilization.

Yacht Season in Greece

In view of is mild climate, spring and autumn are probably the most pleasant seasons to travel, while summer is regarded as particularly hot and humid.

In Greece, the season starts in April and end in November. Winters are very mild in Rhodes and Crete, and as you go inwards and up North, the climate becomes colder. Violent storms occur only during winter and February is considered the worst period. However, generally the Greek climate is pleasant and it is quite rate for extreme weather situations to take place.


With no need of traveling huge distances, it is possible to visit one of the largest treasures of the Mediterranean: Attica. One of the starting points to other islands and that has numerous marinas (boatyards) and offers excellent services. It is possible to see, at this place, the breathtaking Temple of Poseidon which has a marina just beneath it. Perfect for admiring enchanting landscapes of the Greek sea together with the vast and impressing historical past.

Argo-Saronic Islands

This set of islands is composed of Spetses, Poros, Aegina, Hydra y Agistri. A perfect setting to explore the local culture inside these small islands that have an unparalleled grace. Poros is an island that has as main feature its greenery and vegetation, extremely different from its sister Hydra which is an island characterized by its broadly neoclassic look and filled with mansions, restaurants and boutiques.  Spetses is famous for its small and private beaches and caverns.


Thasos is an extremely beautiful island that has diverse rock formations close to the sea.  It is also known as a place where diverse dolphins and sea animals cross from time to time. It is important to mention that this island is a protected marine ecosystem, however it is possible to bathe and make full use of the opportunity to get to know the island's local culture.

Santorini (Thira)

Without a doubt one of the well-known Greek destinations and famous for its spectacular views. It is known for its natural beauty and for being a paradise for a yacht tour. Here it is possible to get to know a volcano and its fields, as well as to admire the most fascinating sea that is surrounded by diverse caverns and it always has excellent images and nature so any picture to become perfect and you create memories together with your family for the rest of your life.

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