The perfect destination in paradise


The perfect destination in paradise

The Caribbean is an incomparable region in the world that holds diverse countries and islands. This is due mainly to its spectacular beaches with breathtaking colors, together with its clear sands.

There is no better way of appreciating the incredible islands of the Caribbean than being onboard a ship. There are several itineraries that are adapted to any type of visitors; whether it is a romantic trip, with friends to have fun, with children or just as an option to repack the batteries in abundant tranquility.

Season to visit the Caribbean on a ship

The Caribbean is a place that is practically warm all year round. This is why it ends being an advatage to visit it at any period of time.


This island is located between São Tomé Island and Puerto Rico. It is an uncommonly known destination because it is remote and it is perfect for all those people who intend to have a good day of rest. It is a perfect place to disengage from any type of concern and it is a place that is not well known yet to tourists. It is possible to walk through the streets of this small city and find some restaurants with excellent meal and beer. It is easy to find turtles / tortoises in their natural habitat.

Saint Barthélemy (St. Barths)

It is a port perfect for all those yachting lovers. It is the mecca of competition sailors who usually take part in regattas (sailing matches) between St. Barths and Les Voiles, with super yachts. In this port it is possible to find different historical buildings all with red roofs that give a special charm to the place. The elegant restaurants serve French meal and offer magnificent choices for all those who just cannot run away from shopping. Selling from jewelry shop, great elite brands, among other things.


The Bahamas is one of the most dreamed of destinations by most tourists. It is a group of islands with extremely clear and shallow waters, along with white sands and an extremely receptive people. Due to hot temperatures, it is an excellent destination for whoever loves yachting. The Bahamas are a perfect destination to relax and it has already been visited by hundreds of celebrities.


Guadalupe is not just an island; it is an archipelago which is part of the French territory in the Caribbean. With a butterfly shape it is divided mainly between two islands called Basse Terre and Grande Terre. In the latter it is possible to get to know large beaches and sugarcane fields; now Basse Terre holds a volcano and its national park. For all those diving lovers there is a Jacques Cousteau Reserve in Basse Terre which is a perfect place to find diverse types of live marine activities. They are extremely traditional islands and where the creole culture can still be observed; a mixture between Africans, Europeans and natives.


One of the places with the loveliest waters in the world and is always in contrast with the marvelous white sand and palm tree beaches. Tobago is an island that shelters a large concentration of coral that is appropriately protected, and groups of small deserted islands that constitute the local National Park. Although it may be a place with an extraordinary beauty there are not too many attractions on land, since there are no entertainment options at night. On the other hand, it ends up as the perfect destination of whoever really is in need of a place where one could absolutely disconnect from everything.


An island that is part of English territory, but with a very different energy to its sister Saint Martin.  On this island there is a great yachting tradition and it is possible to observe the natural beauty within a tropical beach. What makes this place a perfect place for many photographs is a paradise for all those bird and nature lovers.

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