Tropical county ideal for visiting onboard a ship


Tropical county ideal for visiting onboard a ship

Brazil is a surprising destination and often in a lot of people's list of upcoming goals. This is not surprising at all, mainly because it is a huge country filled with biodiversity and different types of beaches that end up conquering any type of public.  With the gigantic coastal line that goes from the country's Northeastern region all the way to the south, there are varied destinations that are worth visiting.

Another great advantage of visiting Brazil on a yacht or ship, is the ease of crossing the vast, almost always calm sea and the large number of protected bays.

Yacht tour season in Brazil

Brazil observes the seasonal temperature of the planet's southern hemisphere. This is why the best times to visit and cruise Brazil have always been throughout the spring and summer seasons because of the warm and sunny days; however, most especially, Brazil's northeastern destinations, can be visited and this opportunity can be availed of at any time of the year. This is due to its proximity to the Equator which provides pleasant temperatures during the whole year.


Known nationally as the Island of Magic or simply Floripa, it is an alluring city surrounded by the sea and nature. A state law prohibits the construction of large buildings in the region and this causes it to have an extremely clean and countryside view that enchants any of its visitors. Besides a marvelous coastal line and wilderness, it also has Lagoa da Conceição; because of to its beauty and calm waters, it is one of the preferred destinations of all visitors.

Arraial do Cabo

Arraial do Cabo is without any doubt one of the best destinations in Brazil to visit on a yacht, and it is worldly renowned for the beauty of its beaches, for the crystalline waters and for incredibly white sands. The place is in a strategic region; besides the elegance that it has which is similar to that of the Caribbean islands, it allows for nearby attractions such as Rio de Janeiro and Buzios to be explored. 

Ilha bela

This city is known as the Sailing Capital and receives this name because of its excellent wind and sea conditions that makes it extremely favorable for the activity, and it even holds large annual competitions with the 'Sailing Week' which takes place in July. As if it were not enough, it even has beaches that are real cradles of paradise, and its inland is dominated by an exuberant nature and filled with forests, trails and waterfalls. Ilha bela has stunning beaches which can be visited on a yacht such as Praia da Fome, Saco do Eustáquio and Praia do Bonete.


This is a frequently visited destination because of its sea visibility. It is a beach with clear waters whose color ranges between sky blue and turquoise green. Maragogi is one of the most often visited destinations in the Brazilian Northeastern region, and it is also a classical destination of all yacht cruisers. Visitors are able to jump into natural pools with absolutely no problems at all and cohabit with different marine life forms such as corals and fishes.  Besides the sea, it is a city that holds a vast historical past, which can also be extensively explored.


It is a group of five islands, located 70 km from the coast of Bahia, namely: Ilha de Santa Bárbara, Ilha Redonda, Ilha Sudeste, Ilha Guarita and Ilha Siriba. What makes this spot famous is the fact that it concerns one of the most important whale reproduction sites. Abrolhos Bank is called 'humpback whale nursery', which makes this region its refuge for nursing and reproduction, between July and November. It concerns a once in a lifetime opportunity in the world for the number of cetacean sightings. 


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